Some ecosystem partners


A space represents an area of rxelms that can be owned, managed and customised. All spaces will be minted as non-fungible-tokens (NFTs). All spaces will be the same dimensions and follow the same rules/limitations in terms of what can be created inside them by the space owner. Each space will be assigned to a building inside a rxelm, similar to how you would have multiple apartments inside a building.


NFT based virtual world

Every object inside rxelms is an NFT, from a chair to a full scale interactive lighting rig. The only comparison to the potential scale of the size of this new economy is the actual physical world.


Demand for the creation of NFT assets inside rxelms will grow as rxelms grows, forming a thriving creator economy. If you have the skills to create 3D objects or develop code for interactive assets then you might want to be part of this emerging economy.

Everyone's welcome

Whether you're a gamer, an architect, a musician, a manager, an artist, a dreamer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a DJ, a developer, the list is endless; Then you're welcome here

niko coin


NIKO means ‘victory for the people’, it is the in-game currency for rxelms. Our marketplace will be a NIKO only marketplace and used to trade multiple assets classes, some examples of the asset classes you will see being traded are spaces, apparel items/traits for avatars, 3D assets/objects, weapons, usernames (NFDs) and NPCs. All of these assets will be minted as NFTs on the Algorand blockchain.